MPLS Networks (Multi Protocol Labelled Switching) provides an ideal method for connecting multiple office locations, using a single dedicated infrastructure. These networks offer secure, private connectivity between sites, which can allow the transmission of all types of traffic (for example. data, eMail, video, voice) over a single network infrastructure.

Access to MPLS Networks can be provided over different connectivity options – for example, Ethernet at the main site, Leased Lines at satellite offices and Broadband at remote locations, which makes MPLS an ideal choice for any size of business. All the organisation’s sites are connected to a single network, offering “any to any” communication across a secure and private infrastructure.

Equity Networks can design add-on services to MPLS Network solutions, such as firewalls, internet access and SIP Trunk voice breakout, as well as connections to any hosted applications and/or servers. MPLS Networks can be built using different class of service (COS), with the most time sensitive applications (for example – voice) being given the highest priority. This creates a network which has Quality of Service (QOS) attached to it.

The inherent scalability and flexibility of MPLS Networks is making them an increasingly clear choice for network communications and Equity Networks can provide independent advice on the selection of the most appropriate solution at the most competitive price. The consultative approach adopted by Equity Networks will ensure that the MPLS Network design will match the customers’ requirements and will take account of key elements such as pricing, installation time, future-proofing and security.